About Us

Welcome to Seeds Early Learning Childcare!

We are a purpose built centre ready to offer you and your child/ren peace of mind that they are receiving quality care and education.

Our Vision

Deep roots, strong branches – by creating a strong foundation of learning, we create strong, healthy and positive opportunities for the future.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing an environment where the child can unleash his or her full potential.

Our Philosophy

Seeds Early Learning Centre is a place where children come to learn, grow and explore themselves. We encourage the enrichment of the whole child.
We believe in reinforcing a child’s thinking skills and preparing them for life’s challenges.

We are committed to providing an environment of learning that is stimulating, where the child can feel comfortable, thereby unleashing his or her full potential. We strive to nurture socially competent children who are able to embrace life independently, resourcefully and happily.

We view the child as a member of our family and recognize parents as a child’s first and most influential teacher.

Seeds ELC creates a strong bond between centre culture and the culture of the child. Here at Seeds we believe that this experience is an extension of the home and we will journey alongside whanau throughout the child’s years of 0-5.