Parent Info

Our Programme

Our programme and practised is guided by the document Te Whariki – New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum. We also have a range of up to date documents and research that we use to base our teachings around. In depth observations are done in order to plan around your child and their interests. A range of assessment tools are also kept to evaluate the learning that takes place.

Enrolment Process

Parents are welcome to come in and visit the centre before enrolling their child/ren. This gives you the opportunity to meet the staff, see how the centre runs and also ask any questions you may have. While at the centre you will be provided with an enrolment form to complete before your child’s first day. Upon enrolment we require a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to confirm age and identity and also an up to date copy of immunisation certificate.


All our meals (Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea) are cooked and prepared on site by our centre chef. We offer a range of healthy home-cooked meals for children. We also cater to children with differing diets such as vegetarian, halal etc. Please advise staff if your child has any dietary needs or allergies. Lunchboxes are welcome.

Our Health and Safety Policy

All teachers at Seeds Early Learning Centre strive to provide, for the welfare of the children and a safe and stimulating environment. Teachers must also take steps to ensure their own safety and well-being at work. A copy of our policy can be viewed in the office along with all other policies.

Signing In and Out

It is a legal requirement that we maintain records of the number of children who attend each day. Please ensure that the designated person collecting and/or dropping off your child signs in and out on the daily sign sheet in front foyer. This is not only Ministry of Education requirement but also in the case of an emergency it is important all children are marked off the roll when we are doing our checks.

What to Bring for Your Child

Please clearly label all your children’s belongings. It is important that your child has spare clothes and/or nappies/underwear if needed. For Summer we encourage parents to supply a bucket hat and wet bag and during Winter we encourage gumboots and a warm hat. Please ensure that your child/ren’s drink bottle and/or lunchbox is clearly labelled. We are also happy for children to bring a comfort of blanket from home for sleep. This can either stay at centre or go home each day.

Our Commitment to Communication

Here at Seeds we are committed to working in partnership with parents/whanau through the means of daily communication. We use a range of mediums to do so such as teacher interaction, newsletters, parent evenings, facebook, notices, and portfolios and photographs. If ever there are any questions or queries relating to our care and service, your child’s journey, your child’s teachers or anything else please do not hesitate to contact centre management. Our formal Complaints Procedure is available for viewing in the front foyer.


We encourage parents to be apart of our centre as much as possible. We love to hear feedback and also have your say on our policies and curriculum. Policy reviews and any internal evaluations, funding information, budget and internal audits will always be available for whanau to have their say on.

Also note that we encourage whanau to visit Education Review Office’s website: to find out any further information about our centre

Here at Seeds Early Learning Centre every child is entitled to a maximum of 20 holiday days. This means that with at least two weeks’ notice of a holiday we will charge you at a 50% rate for the time of the holiday. (Each child’s entitlement is worked out according to the amount of enrolled days)

Seeds Early Learning does not have any periods of holiday closure throughout the year and is only closed for statutory holidays (public holidays).

Payment is expected within the week of invoicing, Accounts will be invoiced every Monday. For WINZ payments, please note, these will show on your account on average with a 1-2 week delay. Payment methods include automatic payment and/or cash.

Childcare subsidies are available if your circumstances qualify and a WINZ application form can be provided if requested.

Children who are absent continuously for a period of 3 weeks or more without notification or contact will have their enrolment withdrawn and terminated as per the Ministry of Education’s Absence rule. Parents will have the option to return but will need to re-enrol their child.

If for any reason a parent or caregiver wishes to withdraw their child’s enrolment they will need to give at least two weeks’ notice to do so.